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CU-3010 ! CU-3010
300 watts
Program selecting switch
Capable of blending, grinding, and suitable for mincing meat
Capacity of juice jug: 1.5 litres
4 blender jugs in different sizes and 2 blade sets
CU-3020E ! CU-3020E
Noiseless 700 watt motor
Various selectable speeds
1.5 litre bowl with safety lock
1.5 litre blender and ice crusher jug with a small measure lid
5 planar stainless steel blades for slicing, shredding and chipping
CU-6030E ! CU-6030E
450 watts
Dish washer washable and microwave oven usable 2.2 litre glass chopper bowl
3 planar stainless steel blades for slicing and shredding
Capable of different functions such as chopping, whisking, mixing, shredding, and slicing
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